The meaning and symbol of Cartridge case in dream

The meaning of the bullet casing dream, dreaming that the bullet casing has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream casing for you to sort out below.   

   Dreaming of a bullet casing, predicting anger and quarrels, many unsatisfactory things may happen after dreaming.

   Bullets, peanuts are delicious, and bullets are hard to taste. The bullet in the dream contains the meaning of trouble and illness.

   Dreaming of a bullet indicates that she is more afraid of life.

   Dreaming of bullets, reminding you not to easily confide your thoughts to others, or to talk about some privacy that should not be publicized, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble in future life.

   Dreamed that he was hit by a bullet, implying that the dreamer should go for a health check to prevent future problems, so as to ensure the health of the body.

   Dreamed that the bullet came like a raindrop, but he was unscathed, indicating that although there are many troubles in the dreamer’s life, he can face it calmly and solve various problems in his own way.