The meaning and symbol of javelin in dream

The meaning of the javelin dream, dreaming that the javelin has a realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming javelin organized for you below.  

   Dream that you are using javelin to defend yourself, which means that your privacy has been revealed. In order to calm this matter, you have spent a lot of energy.

  If you dream of being injured by a javelin, it means the conspiracy of the enemy will succeed, and you will taste the taste of failure.

   Dreaming about someone holding a javelin in your hand, it means your rights will be threatened.

   Dreaming about the sports meeting, auspicious, indicates that the interpersonal relationship will be handled well.

Case analysis of dreaming about javelin

  Dream description: In the dream, some people and I were practicing the javelin on the stadium. Suddenly a javelin flew towards me and pierced my chest. I fell down in response, and it was unconscious. (Male, 28 years old)

  Dream analysis: The stadium symbolizes the workplace and shopping malls. It is pierced by a javelin flying in the dark, indicating that there is a hidden danger around you, and this danger may erupt and hurt you at any time, so pay special attention to competitors.

   Dreamed of using a javelin to protect himself, saying that because someone claimed that you had acted dishonestly, you were forced to undergo an investigation, and you could prove your innocence after many arguments.