The meaning and symbol of Handcuffs in dream

Handcuffs The meaning of dreaming in handcuffs, dreaming about handcuffs. Wearing handcuffs has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming handcuffs and handcuffs for you.

   Dreaming about handcuffs, heralds success, identity and wealth. On the other hand, it may also imply that the recent pressure is too great, or subconsciously, morality is condemning or warning you.

   Dreaming that he is wearing handcuffs usually indicates that he will be famous in the world, or that he is in trouble and feels bound. However, such a dream for people with bad behavior also symbolizes a warning. According to psychoanalysis, such dreams may also indicate potential sexual abuse desires.

   Dreamed that you opened the handcuffs on someone else’s hand, indicating that you might be implicated, punished, and suffered losses.

   Dreaming that others open the handcuffs indicates that you may have a fight with others, so be alert.

   Dreamed that you handcuffed others, indicating that you will get a trusted friend who can share the troubles.

   Dreaming that your hands and feet are locked by someone, it indicates that you will have unexpected wealth, and someone will do business with you in partnership.

   Dreamed that someone locked and took you away with a chain, reminding you to be careful that the villain will frame you.
Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream explanation: dreaming that you are in handcuffs means you are physically or mentally restricted, and these may be related to another important person. (Dream about authority)

   Psychological analysis: dreaming that you put handcuffs on others means that you want to forcibly connect others with yourself. This strong possessiveness will cause lasting harm to others.

  Spiritual symbol: Analyzed from a spiritual level, seeing handcuffs in a dream shows that the doubts and worries in your heart hinder your own development.

Case analysis of dreaming about handcuffs

  Dream description: I dreamed that my hands were handcuffed and I couldn’t get rid of it. My heart was in agony, and tears came out. At this time, a good friend of mine came to see me, and when she saw her, I burst into tears and woke up. (Female, 25 years old)

  Dream analysis: The handcuffs in the dream are a symbol of difficulty and doubt. Handcuffs in your dreams are a sign of excessive stress in your heart. Dreaming about being handcuffed means that you have more difficulties in front of you, but you can finally get rid of your worries; dreaming about others being handcuffed means that your doubts about your friends are wrong and you should trust your sincere friends.

  If you dream of shackles, it represents obstacles or keeping your own opinions.