The meaning and symbol of pistol in dream

The meaning of the pistol dream, dreaming that the pistol has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream pistol that helped you organize below.

   Dreaming of killing someone with a pistol indicates that he will lose the love in front of him.

   The businessman dreamed that he had thrown away his pistol, which indicated that the contradiction was resolved, the business was busier and the business was booming.

   Soldiers dreamed that they had lost their pistols, indicating that they could be promoted or rewarded.

   dreamed that he was hit by a pistol, indicating that he would soon get married, or to attend the wedding of someone close to him.

   dreamed that he would buy a pistol, indicating that he would be promoted.

   Dreaming of selling a pistol implies that you may suffer a lot of money.

  Dreaming that you are in the business of buying and selling pistols indicates that you will take on important tasks and make achievements, which will be valued and promoted.

   Dreamed of robbing someone’s pistol, beware of encountering thieves and gangsters.

   Dreaming about grabbing a bullet in your hand, it indicates that you may be in danger, but you will get the support of your friends at the critical moment.

   Dreaming that someone will give you a pistol means that you are deeply respected and trusted, and you are very prestigious and respectable among your friends.

   Dreamed that you gave someone a pistol, suggesting that you might face trouble or be implicated in a disaster.

   dreamed of stealing a pistol, implying an embarrassing life, low income, and poor economic conditions.

   Dreaming about losing your hand grab, implying that you will stay away from disasters, unite your family, and go through difficult times together in times of crisis.

   Dreaming about shooting, there will be misfortune.

   dreamed that he was shooting a gun, but as soon as the trigger was pulled, the barrel exploded, meaning that in extraordinary times, friends and trusted people would also deceive themselves.

   Dreamed that someone shot himself, but was not injured, and would be charged with a crime, but due to insufficient evidence, he would be released.

   The woman dreamed that with a gun, her family would be robbed by armed bandits.

Psychological dream interpretation

   Dreamland commentary: The pistol symbolizes masculinity and sex. If a woman dreams of shooting with a pistol, she recognizes the masculine and aggressive side of her character. If she dreams of shooting a woman with a gun, she must be deeply threatened by someone’s aggressive actions or courtship signals.

   Psychological analysis: The pistol is related to your ability to achieve your goals and domineering. It can be used for self-protection and self-maintenance. As for how much harm it will cause to others, you should carefully consider.

   Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the pistol symbolizes the principle of man.

Case analysis of dream pistol

  Dream description: One person dreamed that one night he was holding a revolver. He pointed the gun at his temple and pulled the trigger. After a gunshot resembling a firecracker explosion, the man found himself bleeding, but he was not dead.

  Dream analysis: dreaming that he committed suicide with a gun, the one thing he said was death. It mainly expresses the idea that you must be punished because of your impulse or behavior. Or feel that life is boring. In addition, judging from the shape and function of the gun, most of the guns that appear in dreams are male sex organs, and often indicate that dreamers think that sexual desire is a dangerous and aggressive desire, which can be said to be direct Dream showing sexual desire. Always be cautious in daily life.