The meaning and symbol of gun in dream

The meaning of the gun dream, dreaming that the gun has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream gun that is organized for you below.

   Dreaming of guns often means that you will encounter setbacks and suffer losses.

   At the same time it also has a distinctive male sexual meaning. Shooting bullets sometimes symbolizes an orgasm.

   Dreaming of a gun scene, on the one hand, may be a warning, suggesting that you may have made mistakes in handling the problem, thus causing damage to your reputation or property. On the other hand, it may also remind you to pay attention to rest and maintain plenty of energy.

  The woman dreamed of gunshots, and also said that the dreamer usually fights against others, or the advertising behavior is not very checkpointed. This dream also reminds you to pay attention to your words and deeds when dealing with others, otherwise it will only get a bad reputation and cause harm to yourself and those around you.

   If a man dreams that he is very dependent on guns, similar to dreaming of a knife, it also means that he is insecure about sex and afraid of impotence.

   If a woman often dreams about guns, it also symbolizes the fear of men and sex, and may also imply a desire for sex.

   If a woman dreams that she is carrying a gun with her, she implies that she may encounter incidents of theft and robbery. Be careful when going out and staying at home recently.

   Dreaming of gun fire, suggesting that there may be misfortune, be alert.

   Dreamed that he was shooting, suggesting that he would encounter disaster, misfortune, etc.

   Dreaming that you killed someone with a gun, it indicates that you have to bear the condemnation of others, face failure and failure, and may even lose your job.

   dreamed that he was shooting, but the barrel burst when the trigger was pulled, indicating that your friends and close people might betray you at a critical moment, reminding you to prepare more.

   Dreamed that someone shot at you, but you were not injured, indicating that you may be accused or accused, but in the end it is safe.

   Dreamed that the gun was broken. Unable to launch, suggesting that the dreamer is worried about sexual ability or feeling powerless when faced with a challenge.

Psychological dream interpretation

  Dream description: The gun owner is unfortunate. The gun is a murder weapon, symbolizing the misfortune of the world.

   Psychological analysis: Dreaming about shooting, there will be unfortunate things happening. This is due to the fact that you do things without consideration, so everything should be thoughtful. Dreaming that someone shot himself, but he was not injured, which means that he will be charged with a crime, but will eventually be exempted from criminal punishment. A woman dreaming of carrying a gun with her means that her family may be robbed. When I dreamt that I pulled the trigger, the barrel burst, which meant that unfortunately came from the deception of friends, and it was necessary to make friends carefully. In addition, be honest with your friends and not be too self-centered.