The meaning and symbol of Battery in dream

The meaning of the battery dream, dreaming that the battery has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming battery that is organized for you below.   

   Dream about a set of storage batteries, you will get great benefits from the opportunity.

   Dreaming about a battery, the speculation that seizes the opportunity will give you a huge profit return.

   Dream about the battery, indicating that the enemy is constantly exerting pressure, it will be you making unpleasant changes.

  The woman dreamed that the battery made her feel an electric shock, meaning he would be kicked out by his family or her husband would say goodbye.

   dreamed of riding a battery car happily and unhindered, representing good health and doing whatever you want.

   dreamed of riding a large battery car, that your performance was appreciated by others.

  When you dream of a broken battery car or an accident, you need to be careful about your health and think twice about your work.