The meaning and symbol of sewing machine in dream

Sewing machine The meaning of the sewing machine dream, dreaming about the sewing machine. The sewing machine has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming sewing machine and sewing machine organized for you below.

   dreamed of using a sewing machine, the sexual crisis is coming.

   You will be completely unprepared for the temptation of sex. Perhaps you will be confused by the impulse. If you don’t wake up, you will hate your life.

   Dreaming that you are using a sewing machine may suggest that you will encounter an accident in sex. Maybe your vigilance and attention to sex are not enough.

  This dream reminds you to be more guarded about the opposite sex, so as to avoid a relationship between impulse and regret in the future.

  Sewing clothes is to make up for the damage, dreaming that sewing clothes is auspicious.

   Men dream about sewing clothes, which means they will work soon.

  Married woman dreams of sewing clothes, will become a virtuous helper.

  Unmarried women dream of sewing clothes and will marry promising young people.

   An unmarried man dreams of sewing old clothes, the days will be rich.

  Unmarried women dream of sewing old clothes, life will be rich.

   Men dream of sewing old clothes, and may be in despair.

  The employee dreamed that sewing old clothes may be expelled.

  Married woman dreams of sewing old clothes, and her husband’s income may decrease.

  The seamstress dreamed of sewing old clothes, and the income would be huge.

   dreamed of sewing clothes to make money, doing business can make money.