The meaning and symbol of Lyre in dream

The meaning of Qiqin dreams, dreaming of Qiqin has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of Dreaming Qiqin for you to sort out the following.

  Dream listening to the sound of the lyre is indicative of Chungu’s happy and emotional partner, and his career will also progress smoothly.

  The young woman dreamed of playing the lyre, saying that a very good man would love her exclusively.

   Playing the piano requires constant movement of your fingers to play the desired melody. In the dream, playing the piano means being exhausted for life.

   Dreaming about playing the piano, his own efforts and to get a satisfactory return, will be discouraged and disappointed with the current state of life.

   Dreaming about playing the piano will be very laborious, but it is difficult to achieve your goals.

  A woman dreams of playing the piano, she may abandon the toiled life, see through the red dust, and choose the way to become a monk.

   The soldier dreamed that his companion would play the piano and be promoted.

   The patient dreamed of playing the piano, the body would heal, and he would be strong and strong.

  The woman dreamed of playing the piano with her husband, the couple would grow old together and never separate.

   dreamed that hearing others play the piano is auspicious, and life will be rich.

   Dreamed that the strings suddenly broke, and the business would be suddenly hit.

Dreaming that the strings are broken, you will get a sudden blow.