What Do Mistress Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

The phenomenon that married men live separately with other women is called residence (also called extramarital affairs). The man in the middle of the house is called a coward, and the woman is a wife.

The man dreamed of getting along with his wife, saying that he would soon be famous, which may cause his career to be lost.

A woman dreams that she is someone else’s wife, and that her behavior is unruly, which leads to a bad reputation.

I dream of a little boy who embraces her husband and daughter and wraps the child with a new dirty quilt. It indicates that you may have encountered dissatisfaction in work or life, but you must accept him. This dream is your resistance.

In the dream, I found that the partner has an extramarital affair, which represents the dreamer’s deep love for the partner, indicating that the family will be very happy and embarrassed.

Dreaming that her husband has a wife, shows that the dreamer cares about her husband in his heart, and hopes that he will love himself consistently.

I dreamt that my wife has a coward, indicating that the dreamer loves his wife very much, and hopes that his wife can love herself wholeheartedly.

Dreaming of a wife’s cheating, auspicious, means that I am very worried about my wife.

Dreaming of a wife’s affair means that he is not as good as his wife in some respects, and he is very worried about losing his wife.

Dreaming about her husband’s love means that she cares about her husband very much.

Dreaming that her husband is derailed indicates that the relationship between husband and wife will be very harmonious.

Dreaming about stealing love, in Zhou Gong’s dream original meaning means that you are a person who longs for happiness and pursues happiness. In reality, it may not be satisfactory in this respect, so such a situation will appear in a dream.

I dreamed that I had repeatedly cheated, and I should pay attention to whether I was too tired in recent life, and I could not get vented under pressure. I might make some excessive behavior.

I dreamed that my affair was discovered, which means that the relationship between husband and wife will become more harmonious, and the quality of life will be better than before.

A man dreams of stealing himself, which means that he is very worried about his wife and thinks that he is not as good as his wife in some respects, fearing that his wife will leave away from himself.

A woman dreams of stealing herself, saying that she is very concerned about the relationship with her husband. She does not want to have a gap between husband and wife, hoping to be happy all the time.

Businessmen dream of stealing their own feelings, indicating that their business may suffer losses because of some unspeakable things, but they cannot be compensated.

The staff dreamed of stealing their feelings, saying that you should be careful with some new colleagues. It may seem that you are very harmonious, but you may be doing something that is not good for you.