The meaning and symbol of Stringed instrument in dream

The meaning of stringed musical instrument dreams, dreaming of stringed musical instruments has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreamed stringed musical instruments for you to organize below.

   Dreaming of playing stringed instruments means you will be promoted by someone with power and everything goes well. And if you dream of someone playing the guitar or playing the violin, it means that you will be involved in other people’s disputes. Part of the content comes from:

   Dreaming of Pipa is a symbol of love and news.

   Dreaming of a pipa means that you have a classic feeling and traditional virtues.

   I heard beautiful pipa music in my dream, symbolizing happy and passionate love.

   Dreaming that you are playing the pipa indicates that you will get good news from friends who haven’t heard for a long time.

   Dreaming about the guitar is a symbol of quiet life and romantic love.

  I dreamed that I had a guitar, or heard a guitar piece, suggesting that you might encounter a series of sex encounters, and the opposite sex would favor you. Married people have such dreams, at the same time remind you to clean yourself and treat the relationship with the opposite sex carefully.

   dreamed of singing with a guitar, foretelling sweet love, family happiness, emotional harmony, happy life, and intoxicating.

   Unmarried men and women have such dreams, indicating that soon they will love their husbands, or beautiful and kind wives.

   But dreaming of a broken guitar indicates that feelings will be frustrated and love will be lost.

   Dreaming that someone gave you a guitar, it indicates that you will have unexpected gains in your life, or encounter unexpected feelings.

   Dreaming of giving the guitar to others, implying that your deep feelings for the lover or partner are not deep enough, and may even use the feelings as a ladder to get rich, or give lovers to others.

   dreamed of performing in front of everyone with a guitar, would be well-known and respectable, and there would be many suitors.

   dreamed of playing guitar for his beloved one, and soon he would become a couple with him (her).

   Dreamed that there is no sound when playing the guitar, the reputation will be damaged, the family will have misfortune, the career will be unsuccessful, and the business will decline.

   dreamed of giving his beloved guitar to others, foreshadowing that he would help his friends with his own damage and value his love.

   Dreamed that the guitar had been stolen and would open up a new world in his career.

   Dreaming of listening to the sound of the lyre is foretelling your pure and happy partner, and your career will also move forward smoothly.

  The young woman dreamed of playing the Lyre, which indicates that you will have a very good man who loves her exclusively.

   Dreaming about the harp usually symbolizes the desire for inner peace.

  If the music played by the harp in the dream is extremely sad, it may also imply that you have a heart for death, hoping to break away from the world, and pursue the tranquility of eternal life.

  Dream when I heard the sometimes sorrowful and sometimes sweet harp sound, it means that a marriage that looks happy and hearty will end sadly.

   Dreamed of a broken harp, which foreshadowed the sickness or love between the lovers into a cloud of smoke.

   Dreaming of playing the harp, foretelling that you are easy to believe in others. You have to remind yourself not to trust others, and to be more cautious about your relationship.