The meaning and symbol of Cello in dream

The meaning of the cello dream, dreaming that the cello has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming cello for you to organize below.  

  Dream cello usually means news from afar.

   dreamed that someone was playing the cello, indicating that you will be very popular in social.

   dreamed of playing the cello, which indicates that the plan is going well, and you will achieve results through your own efforts.

   If you dream of listening to the cello, or changing the strings of the cello yourself, you will suddenly get good news from afar. Dreaming that the string is broken, it indicates that you will encounter setbacks in dealing with people.

   In addition, from the perspective of psychoanalysis, the shape of the cello also reminds you of the female body, so men dream of playing the cello, it also has a sexual meaning.

Case analysis of dreaming about cello

  Dream description: Many people like to listen to songs, but I have a soft spot for music, especially the music played by the cello. Once I actually dreamed that I was playing the cello, and it played better, I was very happy. (Female, 29 years old)

  Dream analysis: The dream of the cello represents the news from afar. Dreaming of a cello indicates that you will achieve satisfactory results socially. Hearing cello music in dreams means good news from afar. Dreaming that you are playing the cello means that your plan will be implemented smoothly.

   like dreaming of a violin, the sound of the piano is cheerful and beautiful, indicating that you are happy and happy in your heart. This dream heralds the cause of your career, family and beauty; the mournful sound of the piano shows that you are thinking deeply of the person you love deeply in your heart. That thought is very deep and thick.