The meaning and symbol of Box pendant in dream

The meaning of the box pendant dream, dreaming that the box pendant has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream pendant pendant for you to organize below.

  The young woman dreamed that the lover would wear the box pendant around her neck, indicating that she would receive many beautiful gifts, and she would soon get married. Later, the children are also very cute, and her life is very complete.

   dreamed of losing a pendant, heralding the sadness of death in her life.

   The man in love dreamed that the other person would return the chain to himself, indicating that he would be disappointed. The woman he loves will break up with him very heartlessly, making him very painful.

   The woman dreamed of breaking the pendant, indicating that she would marry a volatile and unreliable husband.

   Dream about the necklace, in the original meaning that it will harvest love or wealth, there will be some good news.

   dreamed of buying a necklace, indicating that there will be happy events at home, maybe someone in the family is getting married.

  Dreamed that the necklace was lost, indicating that someone might try to steal your property, which will cause you huge losses. Pay attention to preventive measures.

   Dreamed that the necklace was broken, saying that there will be bad news, and may suffer property losses, causing trouble to his life.

  The man dreamed of the necklace, and heralded that she would marry a woman from a wealthy family.

  The woman dreamed of the necklace, heralding that she would marry the rich and be able to live the life of a rich woman. She no longer needed to go out and run around for life.

  The businessman dreamed of the necklace, saying that he would become a rich man and bring a happy life to his family.

  The patient dreamed of the necklace, indicating that your condition will be improved. As long as you insist on treatment, recovery is only a matter of time.

  The employee dreamed of the necklace, which indicates that he will find some very promising investment projects. He can consider resigning to start his own business and becoming his own boss.