The meaning and symbol of Account book in dream

The meaning of the account book dream, dreaming that the account book has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream account book for you to organize below.

  Account book is used to record the data of outgoing and invoicing. Represents the flow data of funds. The book of dreams represents profit and loss.

  I dreamed of saving a ledger book, indicating a mess, and a disappointing environment, you will work hard to deal with it.

   Dreamed that you made an error when registering an account on the account book, indicating that someone will argue with you about trivial things and bring you some losses.

  Dream to put a ledger in the safe, indicating that the external environment is very bad for you, and you must try your best to protect your rights.

  Did you put the account books in the wrong place, indicating that you will not get your own benefits due to negligence of duty.

   dreamed that his account book was burnt by fire, indicating that because of the carelessness of your friends, you will have to endure the pain.

  Dream to see a woman help you to keep account books, indicating that you are trying to combine career and pleasure, but doing so will cost you a lot of money.

  The young woman dreamed of the account book, indicating that an honest and reliable businessman would propose to her.

   dreamed that there were useless accounts in his account book, indicating the loss caused by management errors.

  If you dream that the books are well organized, it indicates that your career will be further improved.

   Dreamed that the account book records were unclear and wrong, which means that his career will be going very smoothly and developing steadily.

  I dreamed that many accounts were recorded in the account book, which means that my life will go smoothly.

   Dreamed that there were only a few accounts on the account book, which represented that I would not be able to grasp the opportunity.

  Dream to see the official institutions to check their account books, which means that they will have a lot of extra income.

   dreamed that he was recording the accounts, which meant that he would have a good income.

   dreamed that he was copying the account book, which meant that he would suffer economically.

   Dreaming of being reported as doing fake accounts means that the career will be bigger and bigger.

   Dreaming of others doing fake accounts means that they will defeat their opponents and stand out.

  Dreamed that the account book was stolen, which means that he will suffer financially.