The meaning and symbol of amber in dream

The meaning of amber dream, dreaming about amber has realistic influence and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming amber to help you organize below.   

   Dreaming about amber, it indicates that he will make a fortune, and good luck will be paid; or the existing loss will be compensated unexpectedly.

   Dreaming about gems is a symbol of auspicious wishfulness and gain.

   If you dream of a colorless gemstone, it implies that a boy will be born, otherwise, a girl will be born.

   If you dream of glittering gemstones, you will make a fortune.

   Dreaming about buying gems means that one’s own calculations may be robbed.

  The woman dreams of gemstones, it is auspicious.

  The man dreams of gemstones and will be doomed.

  The man dreamed of buying gems and his property would be robbed by bandits.

  The woman dreamed of wearing gemstone jewelry and her mother’s family would hold a wedding.

  The thief robber dreams of gemstone jewelry and will be imprisoned.

   Men dream of losing gems, which means that the disaster will go away from them.