The meaning and symbol of medal in dream

The meaning of medal dreams. Dreaming about medals has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming medals organized for you below.   

   Dreaming of the medals indicates that the work will achieve results and be recognized.

When you dream of someone wearing a medal, you are reminded not to be jealous of the honor of others.

   Dreaming about losing the medal, it means the misfortune brought to you because of the infidelity of others.

   Dreaming of winning a prize means losing money.

  The man dreamed of winning the prize and was going to suffer.

  Women dream of winning, will be a competent housewife.

  The student dreams of winning the prize, and the exam will fail.

  The businessman dreamed of winning the prize, and he could make a fortune by doing business across the ocean.

   The man dreamed of giving out his prize, and the prestige was shocked.

  Women dream of giving out prizes will get a lot of money from their parents.