The meaning and symbol of silver in dream

The meaning of silver dreams, dreaming that silver has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming silver that is organized for you.  

   dreamed that silver, auspicious, is a sign of fortune.

   Men dream of money and want to get rich.

  The woman dreams of silver, the child is going to be sick.

   Dreaming about losing silver is losing friends.

   Dreaming of getting silver is an auspicious sign and will be promoted.

   The married woman dreamed that wearing silver jewelry would make her lack of food and clothing.

  Unmarried women dream of wearing silver jewelry, will worry about marriage.

   Dreaming about giving others silver jewelry will offend acquaintances.

  I dreamed that eating on a silver plate would be very good.

   Dreaming of silverware symbolizes troubles and unsatisfactory desires.

Psychological dream interpretation

   Interpretation of Dreamland: In practical terms, silver symbolizes personal economic status or money. Silver represents the value that is highlighted and used in difficult times.

   Psychological analysis: metallic silver and silver are closely related to the characteristics of the moon. In a dream, silver means that a useful object or a helpful person is ready.

  Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, silver represents the principle of women.