The meaning and symbol of Jewellery in dream

The meaning of jewelry dreams, dreaming about jewelry has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming jewelry organized for you below.  

   Dream to see that jewelry is interpreted differently by category. I dreamed that there are usually a large number of jewelry symbolizing women and sons. Countless treasures are the Quran, knowledge and words of praise to Allah.

   Dreamed that wearing a rare geology necklace is someone who knows and understands the Quran. Or it is a big responsibility, and there are signs of prestige and piety.

   Dreaming about a necklace without getting it or wearing it is a symbol of knowledge and lack of conduct.

   Dreaming about wearing earrings is a sign of learning or imparting knowledge. Women dream that wearing earrings is a symbol of a husband or son. The spitting of pearls in a dream is a symptom of good words or lectures, or it can be interpreted as a sign of chanting the Quran by the Lord.

   Dreaming of eating pearls or containing pearls in his mouth is to hide the words (Quran) of Allah in his heart and pretend to be ignorant and not to be revealed to people. He also said that dreaming of eating pearls is a sign of self-taught and self-learning.

   dreamed of sprinkling pearls on the dung heap on the road or on the street, and showed that he would impart knowledge and philosophy to those who should not accept it.

   dreamed that the gold and silver collar inlaid with pearls is a symbol of commitment. Also said as dreaming that countless pearls symbolize the hidden precious wealth.

   Dream about beading is a wealth that does not take risks. Some people say that it is useless talk and knowledge. Dreaming about a small number of perforated beads symbolizing maids and servants.

  Dream ornaments used by men to symbolize the personality of dreamers according to their value.

   dreamed of getting a decorative belt, symbolizing a huge amount of wealth and respect. Or it may be that a middle-aged man dreams of getting a jeweled belt, a sign of getting rich or having a son. When I dream of a few belts, the dream is the best. I dreamed that the belt was broken or fell off or damaged from the waist, which was a disaster.

   The dream of wearing a crown on a man’s head is a symbol of being the Son of God, not a symbol of the glory of future generations. Like a dream wearing a crown of gold and silver jewelry, this is a symbol of wealth. However, it is also a symbol of abandoned teaching.

   An unmarried woman dreamed that Dai Huaguan was wearing her head, and she said she would marry a foreigner.

   dreamed that wearing a collar or necklace would be entrusted with some kind of business.

   Men’s dream Dai Jie refers to a symbol of power and wealth. Dreaming about refering to accidents is a symbol of changes in power and wealth. The same is true when I dream of someone giving a referral. Depending on the specific situation, it may be a wife, children, or livestock.

   An authoritative person dreamed that Dai Jie was a symbol of fulfilling his ambition and long-cherished wish. Other people dreaming of this will get their own rights and interests according to the specific situation.

   Dreaming about the loss of the ring and showing the loss of power.

   Dreamed that the ring was stolen or destroyed to show the misfortune of power and property. Unexpected difficulties will occur in the cause he seeks.

   Dreamed that the gem-set referral was the best. Dreamed that the referral was destroyed and the gem was still alive. Yuxian would lose his power and lose his wealth and his reputation would be long-lasting.

   Men dreamed that Dai women’s decorations were auspicious. For example, men’s dream to wear bracelets is a difficult and unfortunate life. Dreaming of wearing anklets is a sign of misfortune and fear and may even be arrested. Meng Dai’s arms are a sign of life embarrassment or unhappiness among sisters and friends. In addition to the ominous dream of wearing anklets, others are auspicious and beautiful.