The meaning and symbol of piggy bank in dream

The meaning of the piggy bank dream, dreaming that the piggy bank has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream piggy bank that is organized for you.  

   Piggy bank is fortune. The purpose of the piggy bank is to hold the money. In the piggy bank, the money always comes and goes, foreshadowing the wealth of people. Generally speaking, the piggy bank is a kind of guarantee.

   Dreaming about a piggy bank indicates that you have no sense of security in real life and there are factors that make you uneasy.

   dreamed that the piggy bank was full of money, which was auspicious sign, meaning that he would live a prosperous life and his wish could be realized.

   Dreaming about empty piggy bank means that the business will suffer losses, and should be cautious.

   Dreaming about a piggy bank indicates that there will be a lot of things that worry and fear me recently;

   dreamed that there was not much money in the piggy bank, indicating that the career will continue to advance;

   Dreamed that the piggy bank was broken, and a lot of money was spilled out. If it is a wage earner, it may be a career recently.

  Dreaming that the piggy bank was lost, it indicates that he will not have a backer, and he needs to work hard, but he will succeed soon;

   dreamed that the piggy bank was taken away, indicating that he would expand his business.