The meaning and symbol of wallet in dream

Wallets are items that often appear in dreams. On the one hand, dream wallets or wallets, handbags, and handbags symbolize the pressure and desire of personal identity workers from money and status.

Dreaming of expensive brand-name wallets indicates that the dreamer has a subconscious desire to show his status in front of others; this dream also has the opposite possibility, indicating that the dreamer is in a bad situation now, deep in his heart yearning for money Raise your identity in front of everyone.

Dreaming of a worn wallet expresses a feeling of desolation or nostalgia, suggesting that the dreamer feels the need to change his image, or has an attachment to the traditional life in the past. If the dream is embarrassing because of a worn wallet, it means that the recent economic situation that is stretched out makes you feel very embarrassed.

In addition, in terms of feelings and sex, dreaming of an open wallet may also imply that women are willing to show you their sexual charm. The act of closing the wallet implies that she is unwilling to do this in front of you.

The man dreamed of a bulging wallet, foretelling that his career would be successful, that he would succeed, and that everything would go well.

When women dream of bulging wallets, they should be careful, suggesting that they may be disloyal to their husbands.

The woman dreamed of an empty purse and said she would love her husband more, her wife ’s love, and family harmony,

The staff dreamed of an empty wallet, suggesting that the salary and bonus would be reduced.

The businessman dreamed of an empty wallet, the business was not smooth, the profit was meager, and he was on the verge of a business crisis.

Dreamed that the boss gave himself an empty wallet, implying that he would face a crisis at work and might be fired.

In addition, dreaming of an empty wallet may indicate loss. Perhaps in real life, because of death, break up or parting, you have lost someone who loves you, and thus feel the loss of comfort and security in your heart. This potential emotion is sometimes reflected in the form of an empty wallet in a dream.

Dreamed that the wallet was broken, or repaired the wallet, suggesting that it would break the money, or there was an omission in the business.

Dreaming that the wallet is lost, it means that the dreamer is worried in life that others understand their weaknesses or want to buy a house.

Dream to find the wallet, foreshadowed gains.

Dreaming of stealing someone else’s wallet will win respect.

Dreamed of grabbing someone else’s wallet, implying that he would be promoted, the officialdom was smooth, and the official was added.

Dreamed of getting a wallet full of money from someone else, implying that there would be unfaithful friends who turned their backs on their promises or opportunistically.

The woman dreamed of taking someone else’s wallet, suggesting that there would be conflicts with her husband and conflicts between husband and wife.

The unmarried woman dreamed that she got a wallet full of money for her lover, indicating that you will get married soon.

Dreamed about giving someone a wallet, implying a wealthy life and good luck.

Dreamed of giving his wife a bulging wallet, suggesting that she would be happy.

Dream to the enemy’s wallet, that you will win a big victory and defeat your opponent.

Dreaming about giving a friend a wallet will open up a new business or expand a new business.

On the other hand, according to the psychoanalysis point of view, the purse in the dream also has the symbol of female sexual organs. For example, dreaming that you are looking for a wallet, or looking for something in a wallet, it shows that you are dissatisfied with sex. If you dream of overturning the juice in your wallet, it means that you are worried about whether the contraception was successful.

Dreamed of a small wallet full of coins, there are some small twists and turns in life and emotions, such as dating lost.

Interpretation of Psychology

Dream description: bags and wallets, including other similar containers have the same representative meaning. In a woman’s dream, it means pregnancy. In the man’s dream, it symbolizes the feeling of lying in the mother’s arms (cuddling). As a symbol of a sense of security, the mother ’s arms are often expressed in a dream as a bag or purse.

Psychological analysis: pockets can hold things, it gives you the opportunity to consider possession. You can imagine emptying the bag in front of you and then deciding what is important to you and what you want to carry with you.

Spiritual symbol: Strictly speaking, the bag can imply death. For example, it can reflect a person’s death or the liberation of a certain part of his character. If you want to continue living, you must solve a problem and symbolically put it in a bag.