The meaning and symbol of underwear in dream

The meaning of underwear dreams. Dreaming about underwear has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of dreaming underwear organized for you below.

Underwear in dreams mostly represents feelings and secrets that you don’t want people to know. It may also symbolize your strong curiosity about sex.

Dreaming about beautiful underwear means you are full of longing for sex.

If you dream that you are in public, or only wear underwear in front of others, you will see and feel ashamed, it means that you are afraid to let others know your true thoughts, and dare not expose your true self.

Dreamed that the underwear was stained with mayonnaise, ketchup, etc., suggesting that there is a fear of sex in your heart.

Dreaming about giving sweetheart underwear, or lovers giving themselves underwear, expressing that the feelings will be more sweet.

Dreamed of wearing underwear, implying that you will suffer poverty and embarrassment.

If you dream that you are walking outside in underwear, this is a sign of a significant decline in your health, and it is worth vigilance. Especially beware of diseases of the respiratory and mental systems. Avoid catching cold and adjust to rest.

In addition, women dream about bras, and also hint that social activities will increase and are very popular.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: If you dream of thunder and lightning, it represents the burst of emotion. You may feel that you have been bombarded with all kinds of things and feelings. This symbol can also represent suppressed anger.

Psychoanalysis: If you encounter obstacles in a relationship, you can be relieved by making a thunder. If life is plunged into a grievous dispute, the thunderstorm in the dream can clear this atmosphere.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the thunderstorm in the dream symbolizes creativity. Thunder and lightning are two props of Storm God.

Case analysis of dreaming about underwear

Dream description: In my dream, I seem to be going to the grocery market to buy food. I got dressed and rushed to the morning market. The morning market is very lively and the price is very cheap. I bought good things to see myself. It broke down. Why did my upper body come out in underwear? I hurried home and felt embarrassed. (Female, 25 years old)

Dream analysis: The underwear in your dream is the external expression of your inner emotions. Women dream of wearing underwear, suggesting that you should not be fooled emotionally. Men dream of wearing underwear, to remind you not to take the lead in sexual life. Dreaming about a lot of underwear, it means that you are currently facing a lot of difficulties. Dreaming that there is very little underwear, or only wearing one piece of underwear, it means you are very lucky.