The meaning and symbol of jacket in dream

The meaning of the jacket dream, dreaming that the jacket has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming jacket that is organized for you below.
Dreamed that wearing a wool jacket would make me sick.

Women dream of wearing a fur jacket, will marry your wishful man.

Dreamed that wearing a jacket would serve in the police station or the army. The patient dreamed that his clothes had been stolen, and the patient would recover.

The unemployed get a jacket from someone else and will definitely be able to find a job.

Case analysis of dreaming about jackets

Dream description: dreamed that a man in a leather jacket pointed at himself with a gun in his hand.

Dream analysis: If you want your lover to dress up to date with yourself, you have to be careful. Because the image of the lover you like is cool, not only has strong vitality, but also has strong sexual requirements, because the gun in his hand is a symbol of male genitalia. Such a dream shows that you value your lover’s appearance, and hope that he is strong and powerful, and can protect yourself, and it also implies that you are also a person with a strong desire for sex, so when you are in love, you must be careful. Control yourself.