The meaning and symbol of jeans in dream

The meaning of jeans dream, dreaming about jeans has realistic impact and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming jeans organized for you.

Dreamed that jeans were too tight to put on, and money luck fell. Friends often come to ask for ice cream or fruit, but you will not know what to do. That is to say, you will be in a dilemma for the wide communication and the shabby pockets.

Dreamed that there are a lot more holes in jeans, reminding dreamers to be careful of accidents, usually pay more attention to it, don’t be careless.

Dreaming about jeans shows that the dreamer’s mentality is very good, there is a kind of indifferent worldly mentality, and want to pursue a comfortable and happy life.

I dream of a lot of jeans. One is that the dreamer is very eager for freedom and comfort. Another possibility is that the dreamer is a super shopaholic.

Dreamed that someone gave him jeans, implying that the dreamer will soon receive an invitation to go outing or someone will show it to himself.