The meaning and symbol of pants in dream

The meaning of trouser dreams, dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream trousers organized below for you.

Dreamed that the trousers foreshadowed smoothness and was to be promoted.

Businessmen dream of pants, foreshadowing to travel abroad and expand business.

The staff dreamed of pants, and they would add officials to the lord.

In addition, dreaming of women wearing trousers may also imply that you have a desire to be dominated by women in your heart, or you may be afraid of being dominated by women.

Dreaming of wearing trousers or dirty trousers indicates that hard work is required to achieve career success or make a fortune.

Dreaming about others taking off their pants, implying that you might be able to detect the privacy of others.

Dreaming that others send their own trousers may encounter setbacks and disasters.

Dressed pants in your dream, symbolizing that you will be very eager to get something that makes you obsessed.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream description: Down duvet, duck down quilt or cashmere quilt often express your urgent desire for safety, warmth and love. Seeing them in your dreams means that you have realized this desire. A special kind of pants may have special meaning. Adults dream of a child’s bed may express a desire to seek comfort.

Psychological analysis: The color and pattern on the pants may have greater value than the pants themselves.

Spiritual symbol: From a spiritual point of view, seeing a quilt in my dream symbolizes spiritual relief and care.

Case analysis of dreaming about pants

Dream description: In the dream, I walked into a pants shop, trousers, Chinese trousers, casual trousers, this shop sells all trousers. I looked at the store in the middle and looked at it in the west. I think all the pants are good. Later, under the introduction of the shopping guide, I bought a pair of casual pants. [Male, 20 years old]

Analysis of dream: The dream of pants is a symbol of ascension and travel. The staff dreamed about the pants, indicating that you will be promoted because of your excellent work. Businessmen dream of pants, they will achieve good economic benefits in business, or they will travel abroad. Students dream about pants, indicating that their studies are solid and they will achieve good results.