The meaning and symbol of Journal in dream

The meaning of the diary dream, dreaming that the diary has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream diary that is organized for you below.

Diary books are often things that record your privacy or secrets in your daily life. They are generally very private and you do n’t want others to see them.

Men and women who are in love dreaming of a diary or dreaming of writing a diary, indicating that you already have a secret secret of love that even your family can’t know, and you will tell the secret to your best friend, but you must be careful Will this friend leak the secret, otherwise it will ruin your big event after it is spread.

Seeing a diary in your dream is a symbol of good luck.

Dreaming about seeing someone else’s diary suggests that you will get involved in trouble.

Dreaming about diary or dreaming about writing a diary means that there is something unsatisfactory in recent work or life, but no one can talk about it.

The diary in your dream is the expression of true emotion in your heart.

Dreamed that he was writing a diary, indicating that the person you love will come to visit.