The meaning and symbol of Official seal in dream

The meaning of the official seal dream, dreaming that the official seal has realistic impact and reaction, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream official seal below for you to organize.

Dreaming of the official seal represents power.

Dreamed of stamping someone else’s official seal to be promoted.

Dreaming that others will stamp their own official seal, they will encounter difficulties in life.

Dreamed to see the seal, Ji Zhao, indicating that he has a right.

The staff dreamed of the stamp, indicating that they would be promoted.

Dreamed of the seal, good luck, career will be very smooth.

The staff dreamed that the seal would be promoted.

Businessmen dream of the seal, business will flourish.

Case analysis of dream seeing official seal

Dream description: I dreamed that the official seal of the unit was lost, but fortunately found it later.

Dream analysis: dreaming that the official seal has been recovered, it shows that you are too stressed at work, and you are highly nervous. I suggest you relax.