The meaning and symbol of dictionary in dream

Dictionary The meaning of the dictionary dream, the dream dictionary The dictionary has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of the dictionary of the dream dictionary for you to organize below.

Dream dictionary, symbolizing answers and norms.

Dreaming about the Chinese dictionary, foreshadowed in expanding knowledge.

Dreaming about foreign language dictionaries foretells to expand the social network.

The students dream of looking up the dictionary, indicating that they have a serious attitude towards learning; adults dreaming about looking up the dictionary, suggesting that you may be somewhat lacking in opinion in doing things, often relying on others, and usually have a tendency to follow the rules, a little lack of flexibility.

Dreaming that the dictionary is missing may indicate that in the face of difficulties, you may be abandoned by your friends, you cannot find the dependence you might have hoped for, and remind the dreamer to treat the problem with caution.

Dream to find the dictionary, suggesting that you should work hard to develop and cultivate an independent spirit, and do not always follow the instructions of others.

Dreaming about dictionaries and encyclopedias may indicate that you want to understand the world better, but you should avoid missing the joy of life and even falling into poverty because of excessive curiosity and too much love to explore.

Case study of the dream dictionary

Dream description: I dreamed that I bought a Chinese dictionary in the bookstore, which is the latest version. Back home, I took out the newly purchased dictionary and prepared to put it in the bookcase. After taking it out, I was surprised how my Chinese dictionary became a foreign language dictionary. (Female, 26 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of the dictionary represents knowledge and socialization. The dictionary in your dreams illustrates the accumulation of attention in your heart. Dreaming about Chinese dictionaries heralds the continuous expansion of knowledge. Dreaming of a foreign language dictionary means social success.