The meaning and symbol of fennel in dream

The meaning of fennel dream, dreaming that fennel has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming fennel organized for you below.

Dream about fennel, auspicious sign.

Dream of fennel, will be rich.

Dreaming of smelling fennel constantly, it will be stronger, and it will be longer than Nanshan.

Dreamed that killing fragrant and fragrant fennel would lose its economic resources due to the momentary confusion.

Dreaming of fennel indicates that people who are away from home will return to their hometown, or things that were originally lost will be accidentally lost and recovered.

Dreamed that a woman chooses to take incense to herself, and can live a happy life with her beautiful wife and cute child.

I dreamed that giving Musk to a friend can be promoted.

Dreamed that the patient would dream of smelling musk and the body would heal.

Dreamed of treating something similar to musk as musk, so beware of dishonest friends.