The meaning and symbol of handkerchief in dream

The meaning of the handkerchief dream, dreaming that the handkerchief has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming handkerchief that is organized for you below.

Dreaming about handkerchiefs indicates that flirting and the love that comes with it.

Dreaming of losing one of the handkerchiefs heralds the tearing up of the engagement, but the wrong party is not you.

Unmarried men and women dreamed that someone gave them a handkerchief, indicating that they would find a sweetheart soon.

Dreamed of looking for a handkerchief, suggesting that love might encounter setbacks, or break up with lovers.

Dreamed of wiping her face and forehead with a handkerchief, indicating that the responsibility will be reduced and life will be easier.

Dreaming of a tattered handkerchief indicates a fierce quarrel between lovers. The nature is serious. As for thinking about reconciliation, it is also unlikely.

Dreaming of a dirty handkerchief indicates that you will be degraded by frequent interactions with people who don’t.

Dream many pure white handkerchiefs, indicating that you will not be moved by the constant flattery of those shamelessly malicious people, so you can enter the ideal marriage based on love.

Dreamed of a colorful handkerchief, and said strictly that your appointment is not moral, but you use wisdom to deal with it, so you can successfully avoid shame.

Dreaming about silk handkerchiefs means that your lovely and charming personality will infect others and bring them happiness, making you seem to be a lucky incarnation.

The young woman dreamed of saying goodbye to herself or someone by waving her handkerchief or saying hello, saying that she would soon take an unhappy trip, or she would be severely criticized.