The meaning and symbol of Japonica rice in dream

The meaning of japonica rice dreams, dreaming that japonica rice has realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming japonica rice for you to sort out below.

Japonica rice and glutinous rice are both rice. Rice is processed into rice after harvesting. It should be said that dreaming of rice is better than dreaming of crops. Symbolizes what the dreamer got, got the baby.

Dreaming about japonica rice indicates that there is wealth and good luck.

Dream steamed rice, must make hard efforts to make money.

The married woman dreamed of eating rice and giving birth.

The unmarried man dreamed of eating rice, and soon he would get married.

Dreamed that rice is growing well and the business will be profitable.

I dreamed that piles of rice could make a fortune by doing business abroad.

Dreaming about buying and selling rice, there will be close friends.

The patient dreamed of eating rice, and his body would soon recover.

Dreaming about buying rice is a good sign to hold a wedding for the child.

Dreaming about giving rice to others is an ominous sign that disaster will come.

Dreaming about getting rice is auspicious and will be respected by the country.

Dreamed that the house was full of rice, so I had to pay luck.