The meaning and symbol of Shochu in dream

The meaning of shochu dream, dreaming that shochu has realistic influences and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream shochu that is organized for you below.

Dreaming about buying shochu, heralds that you will snatch the wealth that you do not have legal ownership.

Dreamed of selling shochu, saying that you will be criticized because you do n’t do good deeds.

Dreaming of drinking, heralds that you will have wealth, but the source is suspicious, but you have generously attracted a group of wine and meat friends to surround you all day, and women will also try to approach you and attract your attention.

Dreamed of shochu in the barrel, indicating success, but it was not good for family harmony.

Dreaming about the wine in the bottle indicates that good luck will really appear in front of you.

The woman dreams of holding a wine glass or drinking in her hand, heralding an enjoyable and unruly lifestyle. She is kind-hearted but simple-minded.

The woman dreamed of serving others with shochu, expressing her generosity towards her opponent. Even the coldness of her lover or husband could not completely offset her happiness or satisfaction.

Dreaming of wine usually indicates a fortune.

Dreaming of thirst, foreshadows good things to celebrate, the improvement of academic performance and smooth work. But if the drink in your dream feels bitter or sour, and tastes very bad, it may suggest that you may encounter setbacks, disasters, and sadness.

Dreamed of a wine cellar or a lot of bottled wine, suggesting a prosperous and happy life.

Dreaming of drinking together with friends means happy life. There are many friends. It may also indicate that some of your family members, relatives and friends are going to get married and have a happy event recently.

Dreaming that you are drinking hard, whether you are with yourself or with friends, usually means that you may provoke right and wrong in your life, which will lead to verbal disputes.

Drinking in a dream and getting drunk, revealed the desire to escape from reality in the heart.

Dreaming of being drunk is very uncomfortable, or feel that drinking is a bit unconscious, such dreams indicate physical problems, may be sick, be vigilant, and take care of your body carefully.

Dreaming that someone is drunk, you must be careful that the money you lent is difficult to recover and be squandered by others.

Dreaming that you are drinking alone, there may be conflicts in your family, something that makes you have to borrow wine to worry about it.

Dreaming of drinking slowly and reasonably indicates that your mind is extremely fresh, your work will be fruitful, or your academic performance will be improved, and the exam will be smooth.

Dreaming of drinking with a leader or a person in a high position indicates that you will have good luck and will be promoted and appreciated.

Dreamed of going to a banquet and drinking, indicating that he was in good health, a full life, and a prosperous career.

Dreamed that everyone would get together to drink and celebrate the reunion. Such a dream indicates that there may be a life and death.

Dreaming of drinking but no food means that she will encounter setbacks and do things wrong. But people who sell or make wine have such dreams, indicating that they will make a lot of money.

Dreaming of meeting Jiuquan means happy life, smooth career, and everything goes well.

Dreaming about the scene of wine when singing, indicates that the exam is smooth and academic success.

Dreamed that he gave wine to others, indicating a happy life, wealth and happiness, and no worries.

Dream about selling alcohol, and may have trouble with friends and relatives.

Dreamed that he was drinking with others, but some people only drank and did not use chopsticks to eat, and may also imply that some people would die and die.

Sick or elderly people dream of drinking and drinking, and hint that they may be in danger.

An unmarried man dreamed of drinking excitedly, foreshadowing to marry soon.

The patient dreamed that he was drinking, indicating that the condition would be worse.

The man dreamed of pouring wine to his wife or girlfriend, expressing their love and happiness.

The wife dreamed of pouring wine to her husband, suggesting that she was pregnant and had a baby.

The student dreamed of drinking and heralded the success of the exam.