The meaning and symbol of Oil bottle in dream

The meaning of oil bottle dreams, dreaming of oil oil bottles have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dream oil bottles organized by you

I dreamed that if I put unscented oil on my head, my career would fail.

Dreamed that the body was strong by applying scented oil to his head.

I dreamed of rubbing oil on my body to remind you to pay attention to your health.

I dreamed of drinking oil, which means that the health of yourself or those close to you will improve.

I dreamed of buying and selling oil, implying that revenue would decrease and business would experience setbacks.

I dreamed of spilling oil on the ground, or a broken oil bottle, and the oil spilled out, suggesting that the business would be profitable.

I dreamed of butter, and usually expressed a desire for strength and energy.

I dreamed of olive oil, which means that life is rich and happy, and my inner desire for passion.

I dreamed that cooking with oil was a sign of doubt and distrust of someone.

If you dream of frying with a lot of oil, it means that love will be frustrated.