The meaning and symbol of Raft in dream

The meaning of raft dreams, wooden rafts, bamboo rafts. Wooden rafts have realistic effects and reactions, as well as subjective imagination of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of the wooden rafts, bamboo rafts, and rafts that help you organize them.

Tochigi rafts do not look at the rudder, and arbitrarily drifting on the water will disturb some people and cause us to fear that we have no direction and lose control of our lives. On the other hand, as the Bratislava rabbi Nachman said, sometimes the uncertainty of where to go may be the best way to discover the true self.

Tochigi is also a survival tool. In this sense, this image is a completely beneficial image, recognizing that we can drive out of the troubled sea instead of drowning in it.

I dreamed of sitting on a floating wooden or bamboo raft and drifting down the water, suggesting that you are too lazy, because you did not work hard enough to grasp the chances of success, you can only follow the waves, or follow the arrangements of others. If you are worried and afraid in your dreams, it means that you have no direction and no control over your life.

I dreamed that you were building or repairing wooden rafts, which indicates that you will strive to achieve your goals through your own efforts and achieve success.

I dreamed of the raft, and the difficulties would surge like tide.

I dreamed that when I was on a raft alone, I would have differences with my friends.

I dreamed that my wife and I crossed the river on a raft, and my family life was good.

I dreamed that I would be doomed by riding on a raft with the enemy.

The peasant dreamed that he could make a lot of money by rafting and harvest was in sight.

The barber dreamed that the income would be rich if he rafted.