The Meaning of Doctors in Dreams

Doctors are the people closest to the disease, and they are most vulnerable to infectious diseases. In a dream, the doctor represents the disease.

Dreaming of a doctor, the family will be sick and cost a lot of medical expenses.

Dreaming to talk to a doctor means not being afraid of illness, being healthy and prolonging.

The patient and the person who has recovered from a long illness dream of the doctor, the disease will worsen, or suddenly fall ill.

I dreamed of talking to a doctor or consulting a doctor. I will be healthy and prolong my life.

The patient dreams of talking to the doctor, or consulting the doctor, and soon the disease will improve.

Dreaming of quarreling with the Indian doctor is a bad omen and it will suffer heavy losses.

I dreamed that I would be a doctor or a doctor of Western medicine, and I will soon be dismissed or my business will be affected.

I dreamed of going to the Indian doctors and establishing friendly relations with those who are highly respected and respected by the people.

Dreaming of making friends with Indian medicine, you can make a fortune without asking for gifts.

A woman dreams that her husband is a doctor and will suffer from uterine disease.

Dreaming of waiting for medical staff, business will fluctuate, and students will be uneasy.

Dreaming of abnormal skin in the eye, to see the ophthalmology doctor, this is the meaning of rational judgment or insight becomes dull.

I dreamed that the pharmacist would formulate the drug in the pharmaceutical room, which is a sign of abnormal health.

I dreamed that the doctor wrote a diagnosis of illness in the diagnosis book. In the workplace, the superiors greatly appreciated the attitude of your work.

I dreamed that I was sick, so I needed to go to the hospital, but all the hospitals were closed, suggesting that I was working hard to find a solution to the current difficulties, or even if there is no problem at present, I would rather sigh for the development that cannot establish life. .

I dreamt that the doctor said that he can treat you with an infectious disease, and prescribes medicine for you. You take it immediately after taking the medicine. Will face the ominous signs of ending a career or business.

I dreamt that the doctor used a stethoscope to check the disease on your body, what happened in accordance with the instructions of the superior or the government, or the form in which your own business or career needs to be examined.