The meaning and symbol of cotton in dream

The meaning of cotton dreams, dreaming of cotton has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of the dreaming cotton that is organized for you below.

I dreamed of cotton as a symbol of wealth and heralded good luck and happiness.

I dreamed of a large area of ​​cotton land, indicating that you will become rich and rich in the future, and be happy and rich in old age.

I dreamed of picking cotton peaches in the field, which indicates that your income will increase, or your business will be booming, with huge profits.

The cotton in the dream has many colors, which indicates that your future life will be warm and happy.

I dreamed that the wind blows away the cotton, indicating that you may have unexpected financial losses.

I dreamed of yellow cotton, foretelling that you would marry a rich woman.

Those who run cotton mills dream of cotton, which means that they will profit from the appreciation of cotton.

A businessman dreaming of cotton means that change will make his industry better.

Seeing a large bundle of cotton in my dream is a good omen of good times.

I dreamed that cotton production was increasing, indicating that prices would rise rapidly and everything would be better.

I dreamed of cotton wool, indicating that you might have an unexpected visitor.

I dreamed of picking cotton, indicating that the dreamer’s life would be very comfortable.

Pregnant woman dreams of cotton, which indicates that her body will be very healthy, and she will soon have a healthy, strong son. The child is very beautiful and tender, and she will deliver smoothly in the future.