The meaning and symbol of cereals in dream

The meaning of cereal dreams, dreaming about the effects and reactions of cereals, and the subjective imagination of dreamers, please see the detailed explanation of dreaming cereals for you to organize below.

I dreamed that the grain was auspicious, indicating wealth and happiness.

Young woman dreams about cereals. This is a dream of good fortune. It indicates that you will meet a rich and loving life partner.

I dreamed of rice, symbolizing prosperity.

I dreamed of eating valley, Daji. Scholars dream of this, not Shidelu, has increased rank; ordinary people dream of this, there is surplus grain, there are savings; farmers dream of this, Tian He is ripe, the harvest is rich.

I dreamed that I was hitting the rice paddy, indicating that you would enjoy the joy of success.

I dreamed that the rice was burned or ruined, it reminds you to handle your property and business affairs carefully.

I dreamed that I was fortunate in love when harvesting rice.

I dreamed that others were harvesting rice, indicating that you would share the joy of your friends’ success.

Those who dream of seeing the valley grow rich.

I dreamed that those in the city had good luck.

Xun Meng saw ripe rice, and good luck came.