The meaning and symbol of wheat in dream

The meaning of wheat dreams, dreaming of wheat has realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of wheat organized below for you.

I dreamed of wheat as a symbol of abundance, harvest, and wealth, indicating that you are working hard to improve yourself and the quality of life, and pursue a rich life.

I dreamed of growing wheat or weeding in a wheat field, which means that you need to overcome various difficulties to succeed.

I dreamed of dried wheat, suggesting that you will encounter difficulties.

I dreamed of harvesting wheat, indicating that your efforts will achieve results.

I dreamed of buying wheat, which may indicate that you will soon have children to marry, to do happy things for them.

The peasants dreamed of planting wheat or full wheat ears, which indicated that a good harvest was in sight.

Those who do business dream of golden wheat fields, which indicates a fortune and a prosperous business.

Students dreamed of wheat, indicating that they would get good grades in the exam.

I dreamed that the warehouse where the wheat was stored was damaged, indicating that you might have a hard time.

The woman dreamed that there were mice in the wheat warehouse, indicating that the family would fall into an economic crisis and live a difficult life.