The meaning and symbol of Lotus root in dream

The meaning of lotus root dream, dreaming about lotus root has realistic effects and reactions, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the lotus root lotus for you to organize below.

I dreamed of lotus root, good luck, and would make friends.

The patient dreamed of eating lotus root, and his body would soon recover to health.

Unmarried men and women dream of 藕, they will soon find lovers.

I married woman dreaming of I was a sign of getting rich.

I dreamed of presenting myself to strangers and relying on friends to make a fortune.

The pregnant woman dreamed that lotus root was very auspicious. This dream implies that the expectant mother’s life is very smooth and stable, and the baby’s growth and development are also very stable. Don’t worry too much!

The expectant mother dreams of eating lotus root, which is a sign of great fortune. This dream means that the expectant mother’s physical discomfort will be relieved and the disease will be cured, so the expectant mother will quickly come out of the haze of disease!

If a pregnant woman dreams of buying lotus root, it implies that the expectant mother will have a sign of breaking money in the near future, but if she can save money and avoid disasters, the expectant mother should not care too much about the gain and loss of the money.

It is also a good thing for pregnant women to dream of digging lotus roots towards their mothers. This dream implies that expectant mothers will make sincere and sincere close friends, but also give them a lot of help.

If a pregnant woman dreams of a lot of lotus roots, it is a hint to life, which means that the expectant mother has a rich and happy life.

孕妇 If a pregnant woman dreams of two lotus roots, the expectant mother will be very happy, because this dream implies that pregnant women have twins or dragons and babies in the belly!