The meaning and symbol of celery in dream

The meaning of celery dream, dreaming of celery has a realistic impact and response, and also the subjective imagination of the dreamer, please see the detailed explanation of the dream of celery for you to organize below.

My housewife dreamed of celery, which means that she has a family and a frugal life.

I dreamed that someone else gave you celery, which indicates that you will get unexpected money.

I dreamed that I gave celery to others, indicating that the interpersonal relationship is smooth, and you will be trusted by many friends by virtue of being honest and trustworthy.

I dreamed that seeing celery indicates that your career will be prosperous and exceed your expectations.

I dreamed of fresh and frangible celery sticks, you will be more prosperous and influential than you hope.

I dreamed that celery was rotten, and soon someone in your family would die.

I dreamed that eating celery heralded good health and a smooth life. Love and friendship will surround you.

The young woman dreamed of eating celery with her lover, indicating that she would become rich.