Dreaming of Fruit Case Study

Dreaming of the rich fruit on the table or in the supermarket, symbolizing creativity or vitality, the desire to become pregnant, etc.

I dream of ripe fruits, which usually symbolizes a comfortable and rich life and full of happiness.

But dreaming of unripe fruits implies that you will experience sadness and pain.

I dreamed of eating rotten fruit, suggesting that we will encounter disasters and live in poverty.

I dreamed of distributing fruits, suggesting that the cost of living is too large, and profligacy will soon cause you serious economic pressure and may even go bankrupt, causing you to end up on the street.

I dream of eating seasonal fruits, which indicates that you will make new friends, or deepen friendship with old friends, often party, happy life.

The woman dreamed of selling fruits, suggesting that you might divorce your husband.

I dreamed that there were bright fruits on the withered tree. You may have unexpected valuable discoveries and harvests, and get wealth where others cannot find it.