Dreaming about locust case studies

A locust usually expresses a wayward and perverse temperament deep in his heart.

I dreamed of locusts, and it was also related to absent-mindedness, lack of consideration, negligence, and courting.

I dreamed of locusts and might warn you not to take risks. If the person who dreams is a doctor, be particularly careful about outbreaks of infectious diseases in your place of residence.

I dreamed that large swarms of locusts were not good, indicating that you might get an infectious disease. Be careful about your diet.

I dreamed that the place where large swarms of locusts were flying would soon lose sight of green, indicating that the infectious diseases would spread rapidly. Be careful to take precautionary measures.

I dreamed that you killed the locusts, indicating that you would not be infected, and you can prevent diseases well.

I dreamed of catching locusts, which means that you bought and shipped, and you may be able to buy discounted items in the near future.

I dreamed that crows were eating locusts, indicating that dreamers would get help from friends in their careers or external help to eliminate infectious diseases.

I dreamed that the locusts had been eliminated, the infectious diseases would be effectively controlled, and life and property would be free.

The woman dreamed of locusts, indicating that she would fall in love with a narrow-minded person.