Dream Case Study of the Black Spider

Spiders represent some of the troubles and entanglements in everyday life, as well as people who create troubles; they also mean that you are too stressed to calm down; they also represent obstacles in your work or life, and you will encounter difficulties. The black spider represents something you fear in your heart.

I dreamed of a black spider, which means that you are energetic and careful, so your income will grow satisfactorily.

A man dreaming of a black spider may indicate that your property is being coveted by bad people, so be careful.

The woman dreamed of black spiders, which foreshadows uterine diseases.

I dreamed that the black spider fell on the body from the roof or a height, indicating that disaster would come, and bad luck.

I dreamed of the dead black spider, a good thing, and expressed sorrow and difficulty that was finally over.

He dreamed of killing the black spider crawling on his body, indicating that he was strong.

I dreamed that the black spider had been trampled to death, indicating that there might be disaster at home.

I dreamed of killing the black spider, symbolizing the quarrel between you and your wife or lover.

I dreamed that I was bitten by a black spider, because the dishonesty of others made you a victim, and the enemy in business would bring you pain.

I dreamed that the black spider indicates that you are now making a lot of friends and have many friends.

I dreamed that the big spider said that you felt afraid of interpersonal communication and did not dare to face complex social relationships.

I dreamed that black spiders eating flies said that something bad would happen in a certain period of time in the future. Be careful to avoid it.

I dreamed of the dead black spider, indicating that the difficulties would pass.

I dreamed that the black spider crawled on to him, suggesting that disaster would come.