Dreaming of a case study of Mallard

It is a bad omen to dream of flying into the house.

Dreaming of a large group of white wild ducks around the farm will predict a rich harvest.

In the dream, I saw wild ducks, eating and playing on the clarified waters, indicating the travel of interest.

I dreamed that the wild ducks were flying all over the sky, predicting that the bright future is waiting for myself. It also indicates that someone in the family is going to get married.

Dreaming that wild ducks have been hunted, it is foreseen that people who hate themselves will try their best to expose the secrets of their private lives.

Dreaming that the ducks are swinging and walking, the interpersonal relationship will be better.

Dreaming of the ducks on the road, indicating that the difficulties in front of them will soon pass, and then will be smooth sailing.

Dreaming that the ducks swim in the water, one male and one female together, indicating that they will have an affair, the emotional meeting will be very good.