Dreaming of a case study of chameleon

Dreaming of chameleons, this is a suggestion that you, the unscrupulous people are already waiting for you, and you must be especially careful. And if you are surrounded by a chameleon in your dreams or bitten by a chameleon, you are already in a trap.

Dreaming that the chameleon is crawling, it means that the action will go wrong. Perhaps it is a mistake caused by negligence because it is wrong to bring all the textbooks wrong with the day of the week, or to incorporate salt in the coffee.

Dreaming that the chameleon is entangled in your sweetheart, that she will betray you, and if you can change yourself, her luck will improve. In general, chameleons deceive or build their happiness on the suffering of others.

The staff dreamed of a chameleon, and the boss would be dissatisfied with himself, not paying himself for a long time, or being fired.

Men dream of chameleons, indicating that your property is being stolen by others, always pay attention to the villain around you, do not let them have the opportunity to take advantage of.

Women dream of chameleons, indicating that you should pay attention to your health, otherwise it is easy to suffer from some gynecological diseases.

Dreaming of killing a chameleon indicates that you will regain the reputation and wealth that should belong to you so that you can make others look good.

Dreaming of being chased by chameleons indicates that you will be troubled and tormented in love or career, which makes you very uncomfortable.

Dreaming of being scratched by a chameleon indicates that you and your family will suffer or have bad luck, which may cause the family to get into trouble.

The patient dreams of a chameleon, indicating that your body will soon return to health and become very strong and will not easily regenerate the disease.

The businessman dreams of a chameleon, indicating that your competitors will have a big plan to implement, and your business may be greatly affected by this and lose a lot of money.(www.onlinedreamdictionary.com)

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