What does praise mean and symbolize in dreams?

The meaning of praise dreams, praise dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of praise dreams organized for you below.

Having friends and elders praise yourself in your dreams indicates that you will be lucky in the near future, but you must be careful not to be deceived.

Getting praise from your wife in your dream suggests that your wife may have been unfaithful to you.

In the dream, your subordinates praise yourself, indicating that your work situation, or business will encounter difficulties, get into trouble, make yourself lose prestige and persuasiveness, it is difficult to mobilize subordinates.

Strangers in your dream praise yourself, and you should avoid impulsiveness and conflict with others in the near future.

The enemy praises yourself in the dream, indicating that you will surrender your opponent.

If a wife is praised by others in her dream, it implies that she may be dissatisfied with her husband.

Students who are praised by others in their dreams should beware of failing exams and should study hard in the near future.

In the dream, he praised his wife, friends or relatives and expressed harmony and happiness in life.

To praise your opponent in your dream implies that the opponent will launch an attack on you, causing you to suffer losses and reduce your prestige.

Praise others in your dreams, and beware of setbacks and disasters.

The staff complimenting their boss in the dream implies that you will be promoted, or increase your salary or bonus.