What is the meaning and symbol of the face in the dream?

The meaning of facial dreams, facial dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of facial dreams that help you organize below.

I have an ugly face in the dream, which indicates that I may experience worry and sadness.

A blue or dark complexion in the dream usually indicates illness.

In the dream, your face is pale or sallow, reminding you to beware of losing money. Also pay attention to good health.

In the dream of a young man in love, his girlfriend’s face is pale, indicating that this relationship may be blocked and opposed by his girlfriend’s home.

In the dream, your wife’s face is not good, indicating that you may have made friends with bad morals, bad life style, or extremely financial embarrassment, and very poor life.

In the dream, the face of my child is sallow, indicating that my income may drop sharply, or other bad things may happen.

The pale face of an unmarried woman in the dream may also indicate that her future husband is weak and sick.

The married wife looks pale with herself in the dream, so don’t worry too much, it indicates that she might be pregnant.

The businessman’s pale face in his dream indicates that his business may suffer setbacks and his profits will be greatly reduced.

In the dreams of the elderly, their faces are sallow, reminding you to pay special attention to your body, and you may die soon or fall into serious illness.