What Do Riding Symbolize in Dreams and How to Interpret the Meaning

Dreaming of riding a donkey, will soon be both fame and fortune.

Dreaming of falling from the back of the ride is a harbinger of demotion.

Dreaming of the shackles of the whole body, will be full of food and clothing.

I dreamt that Hummer and the little pony walked toward me and could make a fortune.

After dreaming that no one is riding, you will soon be awarded a reputation title.

I dreamt of buying a donkey and I will get married soon.

Dreaming of being tamed means that the country is appointed to a special position.

Dreaming of a lot of jealousy, will become a millionaire.

Dreaming of feeding water to the donkey, the position is low.

Dreaming of a blind man, unfortunately friends will abandon themselves.

Dreaming that the shackles will be released will completely squander the industry left behind by the ancestors.

Dreaming of snoring, or dying, and soon to be fired.

A woman dreams of riding a donkey and is deported for participating in activities of the rebel state.

The young man dreamed of riding a donkey with his lover, and soon he would become a beggar.

A patient who has been cured for a long time dreams of riding a donkey and will soon be physically strong.

The prisoner dreams of riding a donkey and will escape from prison and return to his old business.

Dreaming of being a tamer for the acrobatic group, it will be famous all over the world.

I dreamt that someone gave me a gift and would hold a senior position in the military department.