What does semen mean and symbolize in dreams?

The meaning of semen dreams, semen dreams have realistic effects and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation of semen dreams for you below.

In the dream, the luck of the semen in communicative aspects improves.

The feeling of semen ejaculation in the dream indicates that you have grown up and are a normal psychological phenomenon.

Dreaming of eating your own semen, physiologically speaking, you should pay attention to your own life, diet, daily life, be frugal, don’t eat and drink, don’t stay up late, watch more gentle movies and music; religiously speaking, this is The reflection in your heart is not pure!

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation:

When a child becomes curious about his body, an important developmental stage begins. In this stage, the child understands the meaning of touching, and understands the beauty of touching and being touched. If your child is treated roughly and beaten roughly, you may be afraid of touching, and you will develop sexual disorders when you grow up. This initial trauma may be eliminated, but it often reappears in the dream at the right time. When a person is no longer afraid of pure exploration of his body, you will truly grow.

Psychological analysis:

People can deal with their sexual desires in dreams. If people ignore your sexual instincts and disrespect this way of expressing vitality, the negative side of sexual desire will be shown in the dream. The sexual desire in the dream is a remedy for the waking state, and represents your desire to be close to and united with another person. It seems that you want to find the part that you lost in the other person. The sexual partner in the dream symbolizes the shortest distance you can reach from the part of yourself that you have lost. If you are intact, you may not have the desire for sexual union with others. This kind of dream about sex conveys the information that makes you understand your needs.

There are occasional pictures of primitive rituals and customs in dreams, and you may not know these things at all when you are awake, many of which are symbols of sexual behavior. Semen is a sign of masculinity and physical maturity, and it often appears as a random milky liquid in dreams.

Spiritual symbol:

Sexual behavior is the highest expression of love and spirituality between two people, or a selfish behavior of physical instinct.