What is the meaning and symbol of marching in the dream?

The meaning of marching dreams, marching dreams have realistic influences and reactions, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanations of marching dreams organized for you below.

The march in the dream has the meaning of moving forward in life.

The troops marching in the dream indicates that you are walking fast on the road to success. You have achieved remarkable results in work and study recently and have a great future.

In the dream, the troops are marching, but they are walking slowly, which implies that you are a little bit muddled, hesitant, and not decisive enough. Such a dream also reminds you that if you hesitate too much, you will miss a good opportunity and encounter setbacks.

Marching in the accompaniment of music in your dream implies that you aspire to be a soldier or a government official, but you should consider all relevant factors before making the final decision.

Women dream of men marching, indicating that they prefer men working in government departments. After this dream, they should guard their reputation carefully, and don’t give up their principles of life for the sake of men.

Case analysis of marching in dreams

Dream description: Although I left the army, my unforgettable military career is never unforgettable. Everything about the army will always appear in my dreams. In my dream, the troops marched hurriedly. We walked quickly and arrived at the destination ahead of schedule. (Male, 29 years old)

Dream analysis: the dream of marching, fast represents a good future, slow represents bad news. Marching fast in the dream is a good dream, which indicates that you have a very good future in the future, and you will also make excellent results. Marching slowly in the dream is not a good dream, which means that there will be bad news, or that you are not determined enough to do things.