What does it mean and symbolize in the dream of hitting someone else’s child?

The meaning of hitting someone’s child’s dream, hitting someone’s child’s dream has a realistic impact and reaction, as well as the subjective imagination of the dreamer. Please see the detailed explanation below to help you sort out the dream of hitting another’s child.

Beating other people’s children in the dream indicates that there is a shadow in the interpersonal relationship. Your privacy will be discovered by those around you. It must be guarded carefully, don’t forget that the partition wall has ears!

Beating a child in a dream is a good sign, indicating that the child will be very filial.

If you hit your own child in your dream, life will be miserable.

Asking scholars to beat their own children in their dreams indicates poor test results.

Beating children in the dream means that you will let others blackmail you for benefits. On the other hand, in real life, it also implies that you are abusing children, so you must control your emotions.

Bullying a child in a dream means that there is a shadow in life.

If you beat your son in your dream, life will start to be busy. I will run around for the things entrusted by others, and there is no time to rest. But helping others is happy.

If you hit a child in your dream, your privacy will be revealed.

I dreamed of hitting children and poor work luck. At this time, you should calm down and think about it. There is a problem in that place.

Workers dream of hitting children, they will be arbitrary and subjective at work. It is not easy to listen to the opinions of others, and work that can be done independently is more suitable for you.

Unmarried people dream of hitting children, and recently become active again in love. The speculation in conversation with the other person makes you feel like finding a friend and having the opportunity to develop a new relationship in small talk.

Young people dream of hitting children, explaining your luck during this time: prosperity is the best fortune, but you must keep your duty.