What does it mean and symbolize in the dream of hitting others by yourself?

The meaning of hitting others’ dreams by yourself, hitting others’ dreams by yourself has realistic influence and reaction, and there are subjective imaginations of dreamers. Please see the detailed explanation of hitting others’ dreams by yourself below.

Fighting symbolizes arguments, enemies, and opponents, so fighting in a dream indicates that you are in a competitive environment.

Dreaming of beating others by yourself means that you will be praised by others if you do your best.

If you hit others in your dream, it means that the dreamer will be praised by others.

If you instigate others to hit someone in your dream, the person who gets hit will become your best friend.

Dreaming of hitting someone who has nothing to do with him is a bad omen of bad luck and failure.

If you slap others in your dream, it means that the dreamer will endure the ridicule of others for a while;

Fighting with classmates in the dream increases interpersonal luck. You can communicate boldly and positively with anyone, and the people around you will inevitably treat you frankly and will never conflict.

Dreaming that his lover was beaten, it means that their love will be deeper and their love is eternal. Beating oneself on the chest in a dream is an ominous omen. Either he is implicated in a criminal case or his relatives and friends die forever.